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Gluten Free Menu

One of Bristol's Top Gluten Free Restaurants

In the Venue35 Family there are two Coeliacs and they fully understand the struggle of finding restaurants that cater good quality gluten free food. At Venue35 we understand the health effects that Gluten/Wheat may have on you. Therefore we have a zero tolerance for cross contamination and we have tactically designed wheat/ gluten out of the menu. We guarantee the best service in Bristol for anyone with a wheat/gluten allergy and there are no price increases, we will happily absorb the additional costs. We welcome any feedback you may have as we are always looking at ways to constantly improve our restaurant and gluten free food. 

Venue35 offers a great Gluten Free Catering service, we are able to cater wherever you need us as one of Bristol's Best Caterers.

Gluten Free Hog Roast
Gluten Free BBQ's
Gluten Free Buffets
Gluten Free Dining 
Gluten Free Christmas Menu

If there is anything else you would like simply contact us, as we have a bespoke catering service available

Venue35 Cafe Bar also stocks Celia GF Lager and Thatchers Cider for those of who fancy a cheeky one!

Christmas Menu Now Available - follow link above for more information 

BEST GLUTEN FREE SUNDAY LUNCH HERE AT Venue35 with Gluten Free Desserts to match...



Free regular hot drink before 11am
Mon-Fri with breakfasts only*

Vegetarian Monty                                          *£7.50
2 eggs, 2 sausages, 3 hash browns, 2 tomatoes, beans, mushrooms & toast

Gluten Free Full Monty                                *£7.50
2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, tomato, beans & toast

Vegetarian Breakfast                                     *£5.95
1 egg, 2 vegetarian sausages, hash brown, mushrooms, tomato,
beans & toast

Gluten Free Breakfast                                   *£5.95
1 egg, 2 vegetarian sausages, 2 bacon, hash brown, tomato, beans & toast
Add fried bread - 50p

Breakfast Bap                                                  £3.75
Choose any 3 options to have in your floured bap;                    GFA
Sausage or veggie sausage, bacon, egg, hash brown, mushrooms or tomato

Poached Or Scrambled Eggs On Toast         £5.95
with grilled tomato and mushroom                                    GFA

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs                  £7.25 
Toasted muffin with smoked salmon scrambled eggs                           GFA
On a bed of spinach

Eggs Benedict                                                  £6.50
Toasted muffin with crispy bacon, 2 poached eggs                              GFA
and hollandaise sauce

Royal Eggs Benedict                                       £7.25
Toasted muffin with smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs, cress              GFA
and hollandaise sauce

Eggs Florentine Benedict                               £6.50
Toasted muffin with spinach & tomato, 2 poached eggs                      GFA
and hollandaise sauce

Omelette                                       £6.95
With chunky chips & salad                                                         GFA
Choose 3 fillings:
Bacon, onions, ham, cheese, mushroom, spinach, tomato, peppers, chicken
Please specify if you would like your eggs lightly or well done

Melts                £6.25
Toasted gluten free, topping & melted cheese                      GFA          

- Cajun chicken
- Roasted Vegetable & pesto               
- Tomato, basil & mozzarella  
- Chicken & mushroom
- Beef strips, blue cheese & caramelized onions

- Tuna mayonnaise & spring onion

Grilled Sandwiches       £6.25
Served with a fresh side salad & salted crisps                       GFA

- French Brie, smoked bacon & cranberry sauce
- Extra mature cheddar & honey roasted ham 
- Steak strips, stilton & caramelized onions
- Goats cheese, chorizo & caramelized onions
- Cajun chicken, peppers & cheese

- Tuna mayonnaise & spring onion

Classic Club Sandwich     £6.95
3 layered sandwich with the bottom layer consisting of              GFA
bacon, lettuce and tomato and the top layer consisting of 
chicken mayonnaise. Served with crisps and a side salad. 

Steak Club Sandwich   £8.25
3 layered sandwich with the bottom layer consisting of             GFA
bacon, lettuce, tomato and the top layer consisting of 
minute steak, blue cheese and fried onions. 
Served with crisps and a side salad. 

Baked Potatoes                   £6.00 
(12 minute cooking time)
Served with side salad                                                            ALL GF                                     

-Beans & cheese        
- Chilli con carne & cheese
- Chicken, peppers & cheese  
- Chicken, mushrooms, bacon & cheese                                      +75p                
-Fully loaded: beans, cheese, bacon and coleslaw                                            +75p

- Tuna mayonnaise & spring onion                                              +75p


Nachos                                                                 £4.35
with cheese, salsa, sour cream & jalapenos                               GF/V

Fully loaded Nachos                                           £5.65
same as above but covered in homemade chilli con carne              GF/VA

Venue Burgers     GF Buns Available!
Locally Sourced beef and infused with our secret burger recipe.
Served in a toasted bun, with shoestring fries & side salad

Venue Burger                                                       £9.95
100% West Country beef served with cheese & gherkin                        GFA

Ultimate Burger Chicken or Beef                           £11.95
with added bacon, cheese, onion rings and gherkin                                   GFA                                                                            

Chicken Burger                                                  £10.95
Tender chicken fillet seasoned in herbs and spices & caramleised onions,                  

The Big Burger                                                  £14.95
2 x 6oz burgers with a layer of bacon & cheese in between with                 GFA
onion rings, burger relish, gherkin & a fried egg on top                                              


Venue Salads

Chicken Caesar Salad                                                    £9.65
Succulent chicken strips, with croutons, parmesan shavings,         GFA
bacon strips & Caesar dressing                                                             

Salad Lyonnaise                                                                  £8.25
Classic French salad Lyonnaise consisting of fresh mixed leaves    GF

buttered croutons, bacon strips & finished off with a poached egg

Cajun Chicken Salad                                                      £8.95
Cajun marinated chicken strips with fresh mixed leaves                 GF

tomatoes, peppers, beetroot & balsamic glaze

Nicoise Salad                                                                        £9.25
Salad topped with lemon & parsley infused tuna, boiled egg,      GF/V
black olives, tomatoes & cucumber, served with a pesto dressing           

Warm Goats Cheese Salad                                     £8.95
Sliced tomato, caramelized onion, Goats cheese,                               GF
Beetroot slices with a honey & mustard dressing           

Chunky Chips                                            GFA  £2.50
Shoestring Fries                                         GFA  £2.50
Sweet Potato Fries                                     GFA  £3.00
Cajun wedges & homemade alioli           GFA  £3.95
Side of seasonal vegetables                       GFA  £2.50

Venue Mains
All of our meat is locally sourced and cooked fresh to order

BBQ Chicken                                      NEW     £9.25
Butterfly chicken breast, bacon, melted cheese with BBQ sauce,          GFA
chunky chips and a water cress salad                                                           

Moroccan Meatballs                                         £10.95
Succulent beef Moroccan spiced meatballs served on a hot skillet              GFA
with a side dish of cajun wedges & salad                                  

Wiltshire Honey Roasted Ham            NEW   £9.25
2 fried eggs, chunky chips, honey & mustard dressed salad               GF

Sea Food Chowder                             NEW               £10.95      
A chunky, creamy soup with salmon and smoked haddock,                 GF
mixed shellfish and potatoes served with GF bread 

Classic Bangers And Mash                              £8.25   
2 Cumberland sausages with creamy mashed potato,                        GFA
onion gravy & seasonal side dish of vegetables

Spanish Broth                                                   £5.95
Made from a mixture of fresh vegetables, potatoes & chorizo, braised in beef stock
and served with a GF roll

Chicken & Leek Pie                                                                                                                                                                         £10.95
Succulent chicken & leeks, topped with a puff pastry lid                      GFA
served with buttered new potato and seasonal vegetables                                   

Cheddar cheese & Shallot Pie                         £9.95
Slow roasted shallots with added white wine and cheddar sauce 
Served with mash potato and seasonal vegetables  

Liver & Onions                                                 £8.95

Succulent lamb's liver cooked to your liking served with creamy mashed potato, onion gravy & grilled bacon strips


Apple Crumble                                                          £4.50 
served with vanilla ice cream                                                                  GF

Hazelnut & Rum Chocolate Brownie              £4.50 
served with vanilla ice cream                                                                 GF

Sticky Toffee Pudding                                            £4.50 
served with vanilla ice cream                                                                 GF

Plum Crumble                                                          £4.50 
served with vanilla custard                                                                    GF

Lemon Sorbet                                                           £4.00 
homemade with fresh Italian lemons                                                    GF


£12.95 per head

(pre-booked only)

GF Available


Check out our cake chiller for a cheeky treat 


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