how to install deck flashing

Installing Deck Flashing After Deck Built How to install

Question on how to install flashing on a deck already built: We are in the process of selling our house and the deck has already been built. The inspector stated that we needed to install deck flashing between the house and the deck.

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This Old House - Season 8 -

The flat roof of Tom and Ellen's Phoenix home is protected with cold membrane roofing, and tiles are laid on the balcony. Our host takes viewers on a tour of an unusual modern "castle" on Camelback.

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How to Install Deck Flashing

Step 3 – Install Deck Flashing on Top and Underneath the Deck Board Once you have cut the deck flashing material to size, install the deck flashing on top of the ledger board and underneath the ledger board.

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How to Replace Deck Ledger Flashing -

The wood deck ledger board flashing is replaced by tearing off the lap siding and installing new flashing to complete the deck rebuild. This project is continued from How to Replace Wood Deck Boards.. Nail Holes in Deck Ledger Flashing

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Fortify your roof -- your home’s first line of defense

Installing solar panels is a nice ecological and money-saving idea, but there’s a caveat. Whoever installs them is probably going to punch holes in your roof to wire the panels down.

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My screen is flashing and flickering, PLEASE HELP! - PC

For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "My screen is flashing and flickering, PLEASE HELP!".

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How to install deck flashing and what type you need.

How to install deck flashing, where it goes and what type you'll need to be up to code. What happened was the so called deck builder never used any flashing and the rain water found it’s way in the house. It wasn’t enough to be visible in the house, until they noticed a leak on their basement ceiling and called a plumber to fix it.

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Flashing the Ledger Board. Install flashing that is made for ledgers. It should be vinyl and have a “Z” shape that wraps around the top of the ledger. Where necessary, slip it behind moldings. Where the ledger is longer than the flashing, overlap the flashing pieces by at least 4". Installing a Deck Ledger Board Around Vents, Pipes

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